Here are some inspiring examples of innovative interventions in the public space in Eindhoven to stimulate movement. These are proven and successful concepts, in which design, innovation, design, smart sustainable mobility, etc. invite and stimulate movement in the public space.

Van Gogh bike route

In Brabant, a 335-kilometer-long Van Gogh cycle route has been constructed, which also runs through Eindhoven and along the Van Gogh-Roosegaarde cycle path.


The Slowlane is a 32-kilometre high-grade express bike route that connects the top economic locations in and around Eindhoven, as a counterpart to the Fast Lane (motorway). This offers a sustainable alternative for business cyclists (campus-campus). The route often runs through parks and the main ecological structure and is therefore also very attractive for recreational cyclists. Many commuters and schoolchildren also make use of it.

“Living Lab Light”, in district Eckart/Luijtelaar

The European project Triangulum focuses on smart use of light with the aim of reducing energy consumption. The Eindhoven Roadmap Light provides a testing ground for the development of smart lighting applications in public spaces. The ambition behind this is considerable: all this should contribute to an improvement in the quality of life in the city.

Lightpath route.

In Eckart, the opportunities that the area has to move freely, have been exploited. Smart lighting contributes to this. A balance was sought between ‘beautiful dark’ and ‘safe light’. The beautiful natural environment is preserved and enhanced. In other words, a new functional lighting system in the park, so that better use can be made of it in the evening. The lighting is muted at night and switches on with a sensor when people are approaching. Part of the system is an innovative route for runners. On the basis of a personal profile, you can create your own sports program: alternating speeds, interval training, but also a certain build-up over time.

Bootcamp Q-bench

The bootcamp Q-bench is intended to promote sports and exercise in public spaces by urban athletes, employees, and residents. The choice was made for a design that fits in with Design City Eindhoven and the many creative businesses that are located here.

Bootcamp Q-bench.

Occasional sports activities in the city centre

The red-brick area in the city centre will be redeveloped in a few years’ time. In the final design more space will be given to stimulating movement and play in the inner city, in order to break through the monofunctionality of the inner city. The temporary situation of the red-brick area is extremely suitable to serve as a testing ground for various movement and play interventions. The results of the experimental garden can contribute to making choices for the definitive design.

Sporting equipment in the city center.

In addition to carrying out interventions, we will also be investigating what is needed at this location and monitoring the effect of the interventions. With this objective, we are linking up with the ‘Fascinating Inner City’ project. This is based on the idea that a city center with an active appearance promotes the vitality of residents, residents and visitors and increases the attractiveness of the center.

Distance marking Old Bosschebaan

In order to inspire and challenge runners, 1.2 kilometers of distance markings and motivating texts have been placed on a bicycle path, the Oude Bosschebaan.

Urban Sports Park ‘t Schoot

After the departure of an ailing football club in 2016, some of the initiators came up with the idea of turning sports park ‘t Schoot into an ‘Urban Sports Park’. The Urban Sports and Culture scene is big in Eindhoven and its appearance fits very well with the profile of our city. Plans were made in consultation with the neighborhood and recently the sports Calisthenics, Survival Run and Free Running have been practiced at the park. The former dressing and catering facilities of the football club are now used by the urban sportsmen and women. The municipality has also constructed a water point so that the athletes who come to the park to practice these heavy sports, can drink enough in between.

Urban Sports Park.

Schoolyard De Vuurvlinder Blixembosch

The square is designed in such a way that picking up and dropping off is not done on the street, but twice a day for fifteen minutes on the schoolyard. The rest of the day the square is available for children playing. There are many play elements in the shape of a caterpillar. There are also many loose play elements added. In addition, the bicycle parking facilities are situated in such a way that they are easily accessible from the separated bicycle lanes. All this encourages children to cycle to school.


Boardwalk Brainport park

This pathway is meant to make people move and discover Brainport Park in a challenging way, on foot or by bike or scooter.

Vlonderpad boardwalk Brainport park.

Play street Woensel-West

In Woensel-West a play street (1e and 2e Franklinstraat) has been constructed that connects the heart of the district (including the large primary school) with the green strip along the railway line with sports, play and recreational facilities. An attractive, challenging and safe route has been realized with many playing challenges for children.

Play street.