Students stimulate free spaces in the Kapellplatz district, Darmstadt!

In the urban redevelopment Kapellplatz / Woogsviertel / Ostbahnhof in Darmstadt, a joint project is currently underway between the Technical University of Darmstadt (TU Darmstadt) and the city planning office of the City of  Darmstadt on the frame of the “Action Plan” – Intellectual Output 4 in Darmstadt. As a result, students of the Department of Architecture have the opportunity not only to develop their ideas for active public spaces as a concept, but also to implement them. The focus of the work is the green and open spaces, whose use and design should be brought more into the consciousness of the population.

From the 7th to the 9th of June, the old town complex will be transformed into the “Altstadtwiesen” (Old town Meadow) – a field of experimentation in the area of active use of open spaces through sport, fitness and recreation. The results of the urban design seminar Stimulate! in the field of urban health games, in which students develop concepts to revive the little-noticed open spaces between the pedestrian bridge, the old town ring,  the Jugendstilbad, the Woogsplatz and Landgraf-Georg-Strasse. Under the direction of Britta Eiermann (osa_office for subversive architecture), ideas for the Altstadtwiesen were developed in advance, which will be implemented in real space at the beginning of June and funded within the framework of the EU research project PREHealth and the cooperation of the Darmstadt Science City and the Urban Health Games.

In detail, the following projects can be seen:

Altstadtwiesen – (Old Town meadow)

Make the unnoticed visible – A new, clear and easy-to-understand naming on signs and sign posts gives the heterogeneous area a connecting identity and draws attention to the existing quality of stay. A street furniture, in the form of homemade “trees” as a quiet servant, equipped with picnic blankets, invites you to linger and marks and activates the previously hardly used, inner-city open spaces.


The project “HeinerFit” picks up on the idea of ​​a fitness path and adapts it in a playful way and with a winking local color to the area. For example, stations such as “dry swimming” in front of the Art Nouveau Bath, “Jumping Jack” on the pedestrian bridge, or “Datterich Yoga” on the Datterich Fountain should activate the partially unused open spaces for a short period of time and revive them with humor.

Backstage Park

The historic city wall of the old town complex is a relic of Darmstadt history and is also the prelude to the route from Marktplatz to the eastern, green lung of the city. In order to promote attractiveness for their residents and visitors of the open space, the existing spaces along the city wall are “stimulated” by a gallery with works of the local art scene, the BackStageGallery.


That’s urban: Radiant yellow seats in city green between ice cream shops and city walls – the filled miracle bags are more comfortable than you think. The poofs turn the winding paths around the city library into a yellow, luminous line. Every Poof has a unique filling that makes them curious about what is hidden in the others. And it is a matter of discussion: Recycled remnants of paper from the Department of Architecture produce enough material for a seat. Foolhardy designs and spectacular ideas await a finder in the paper fillings.

City Backstagepark. Photos by Nina Kaußen.

Prof. Knöll and students presenting the City Backstagepark to the local neighbors. Photos by Steffen Diemer.

Participating students: Verena Krekel, Katharina Eckert, Manuel Jacob, Stephan Bay, Astrid Weyand, Benjamin Bechtold, Emre Cinar, Lukas Fieger, Daniel Sossou, Katharina Münch, Sebastian Seibert, Louisa Wenkemann, Bastian Nispel and Anjuscha Hellog.

Involved: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Martin Knöll, Dipl.-Ing. Britta Eiermann, MSc. Gladys Vasquez, Dipl.-Ing. Marianne Halblaub Miranda

Contact City: Dipl.-Ing. Angela Eichenauer

Links: http://www.prehealth.eu, http://www.stadtspiele.tu-darmstadt.de, INSTALLATEUSE_experimental space design & artistic interventions & exhibition design http://www.osa-online.net

Events: 7.6. – 9.6.2018